What is involved with a tarot reading through ABRAXAS Oracular Arts? I have designed these sessions to offer an amalgram of modalities including Tarot, Intuitive Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and Meditation. Tarot sessions are not only about divination, but also geared toward exploring personal insights through the power of the unconscious and the archetypes offered by Tarot.


For more info, you can check out my blog The Alchemy of Tarot.


Tarot readings (in person at my office or by phone) are $30 for a 15 minute reading, $50 for 30 minutes. 

If travel is required, the minimum reading time is 30 minutes at $65.

***Travel under 25 miles is an additional fee of  $10, over 30 miles is $25, over 60 miles, $50.



Rates for Tarot at large parties/corporate events ranges from $150-$500. Please inquire.


"Aria Michaels Paradise approaches her craft with much care and insightfulness. Using the tarot, she connects with her client, the environment, and the energies of the moment in such a way that lends depth to the reading - a rare gift." - Alicia L.


"I really enjoyed this whole experience: I am still getting insights from the phone consult and the in-person session was centering. I am glad that many of my deeper questions were carefully considered and are ongoing, and the approach was far more balanced than I could have asked for. I plan to return, of course!" ~Stef H.