About Aria


  • Independently licensed psychotherapist  (LICSW) 

  • Certified Spiritual Counselor through AIHCP

  • Reiki Master- Teacher

  • Psychic Medium 

  • Artistic Director ABRAXAS Dance Theatre

  • Visual and performance artist, poetess

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An Empath, Medium, and Usui Reiki Master- Teacher using an interdisciplinary canvas of skills, Aria Michaels Paradise, LICSW, SC-C has 20 years experience in meditation, and 15 years as a psychotherapist in settings which have included inpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient, and bereavement. Currently, Aria chooses to focus on psychospiritual and intuitive based sessions over traditional psychotherapy. This allows her to custom tailor holistically ethical and relevant healing for her clients, rather than relying on traditional psychotherapeutic modalities, and conforming to insurance driven standards for treatment plans.


As a child, Aria's finely tuned sensitivity offered her a unique persective of the seen and unseen worlds. Throughout her life, she has used this sensitivity to inhabit spaces on both sides of the veil, guiding others as they make their final transition, and transforming these experiences into art as a dancer, choreographer, and photographer. Aria is also uniquely familiar with the experience as "other" and offers a gentle, warm, inclusive, and non-judgmental sacred space for clientele who may have had experienced feeling misunderstood, stigmatized, unrecognized.


Aria's study of shamanically oriented techniques, combined with her experience as a conduit for energetic communication aid her in accessing her clients' strengths. This helps empower them on their life path, and power past transitional issues that have previously left them feeling stuck. As a Reiki Master in multiple modalities, Aria honors an approach that celebrates inner transformation and empowerment. Her training in traditional psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, tarot reading, astrology, mediumship, stress reduction techniques, energetic healing, meditation, and creative visualization allows her to work with clients who wish to explore their inner landscapes and spirituality.  She is also delighted to offer Usui Reiki instruction/ attunements for those interested in deepening their connection to spirit and self empowerment.


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