I look at our natal chart as a snapshot of the stars and planets at our moment of birth. A thorough review of our natal chart can provide us insights into previously hidden patterns of behavior or relating to others. It's incredibly empowering when we utilize the lens of astrology to explore and examine our life narrative. Through this powerful intuitive art, we can better understand our inner landscapes, and make more informed decisions regarding our future trajectory.

Natal chart reading: $135. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. I require your exact birth date details including time of birth, and place of birth.

"Aria is a gift

And here is why..


Her wisdom is dipped in both conventional psychology (as a professional psychotherapist) and in an alchemy of spiritual, astrological, and somatic wisdom.   Essentially, she is the ultimate one stop shop for seeker of soul answers. 


She will meet you where you want and push you a little beyond.   


Her astrological reading resonated with me more than any other I have received.   So much made sense and, as a result, I felt more clear and more at peace as to how my life was unfolding.


Aria is embodied which is very important to me.  Because she has been a professional dancer for many years and channels wisdom through her dance, I know she has a balanced connection between mind and body.  Some other healers are too woo-woo for me or I can sense they are gravely ungrounded and lost in the ethers, so to speak. Aria has two feet firmly planted on this planet, yet she can zoom up into the skies and connect with the spirit realm with ease and finesse.

She is smart.  Wicked smart and her insights are illuminating.  Read her blog and you will get a sense of the intelligence and wisdom that she unfolds. 


She  is a true and humble teacher. This is important for me.  Humility is something I need when working with a healer.  I need someone who will listen and listen well.  Who will gently guide me and yet be firm with compassion.   


Overall,  I feel extremely fortunate that I have connected with Aria and that I have her as a skilled resource and an ally as I venture forward on my spiritual path.    

Seek her out.  You will not regret."


Jeannette D’Antonio