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What is ABRAXAS Oracular Arts? It's a platform that allows me to explore the needs of my clients and/or patrons though multiple lenses. I find that we all approach our life lessons in different ways, and these require a multi-disciplinary diagnostic palette. As a psycho-spiritual, depth oriented therapist, I am inspired by Carl Jung's breadth of wisdom and knowledge. He believed in utilizing the archetypes gleaned from the tarot, Kabbalah, and astrology as a way of accessing the unconscious. In my work as a clinician and performance coach, I utilize some similar methods, in addition to more traditional psychotherapeutic approaches  

I'll be sharing exclusive weekly blog content just for Patrons, monthly video, as well as my own exploration of creativity though poetry and visual expression through landscapes, and portrait series. Patrons will be able to explore their own creativity and emotional well being through blogs, monthly videos, and opportunities for live workshops. I will also be sharing exclusive content of new artistic endeavors through Lens uploads.