"Sanctuary on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul."  

~Christopher Forrest McDowell


Honoring the spirit, sheltering the emotional, psychic, and physical bodies, sanctuary is a sacred place of respite from the cacophony of visual, auditory, and mental stimulation we encounter in our everyday lives that can leave us feeling out of balance, overwhelmed.​ ABRAXAS honors this need for a quiet, reflective space and invites you to book an Spiritual Counseling Session today. 





"working with aria has been a wonderful experience. the combination of her intuitive gifts with her mental health counseling skills has been a very positive experience for me, a one hour session is never enough :). her work is very thorough and I would refer to anyone who is seeking and excellent, spiritual and highly intuitive counselor.  ~CT


"I began a series of sessions with Aria Michaels Paradise at the tail end of a divorce from a 20 year marriage. I was an emotional mess. I was depressed, confused and angry. 

I had worked with a therapist for several years before I started working with Aria, and had also worked with various  therapists, psychopharmacologists, massage therapists, Shaman, and healers at various points in my adult life, and none of them had offered lasting relief.

Throughout the sessions with her I began to feel more centered, more positive about life, and able to manage and accept my feelings. I found my relationships, health, performance at work, my art, and even my outlook on life all improve for the better.

Today I have found the strength to make many major changes. My life has completely turned around. I have become the person I always hoped I’d be. Aria’s assistance and direction was a tremendous help! She has a unique gift. Her attention, sensitivity and compassion was able to break though barriers that I had thought were impenetrable.  I can recommend her with without reservation."  ~PW


"I asked Aria to work with me before my show, Swords, which was an evening of interpretive tarot. I'd been holding shows for a couple of years, but hadn't felt like I was connected in any great sense, and was often too scattered to form a bond with my audience. Aria gave me various exercises to do, but more importantly, showed me how to create a ritual space before my performances, so that I could set the stage for my intention. This was instrumental. It took me a couple of performances to actually do this, and I am still working on it, but now I have tools to work with. I highly recommend Aria- she has shown me a holistic approach to expressing myself in the creative arts." ~Margaret M.